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Into the Blue

What's up followers? 

Here I am drinking my oh so delicious blueberry milk (recipe on IG @fitcrazytv), just hanging out at home. Lately I've been kind of moody, I don't know why... I think I just have a lot on my mind and also I haven't really taken a break or a vacation in a while. 

Anyway, I've been wanting to keep writing for my book, but I've been too busy to sit down and let the ideas flow. 

Awesome news my waist shrunk and my hair longer! I've been a work in progress and there's still so much to learn and accomplish. You see ... Long hair! Wool! I've been getting so many compliments, I feel really good about all my hard work. 

Oh Hai!


It was a good busy day today! Clients all morning. I was called the Malificent of the gym because of how evil my workouts are, not to mention the evil laugh I give them when I come up with a way to challenge them more....My clients sure do love me... Sometimes! 

The other day I took this picture at the gym and I must say my legs look more toned and my butt is making a lot more progress, although my knee kinda bothers me I don't let it stop me. Jut hope my abs decide to show by Memorial Day! A flat tummy is nice but abs are fucking cool... I think everyone here reading this agrees?!?! 

I also received this amazing Product completely free to try, and I must say I am definitely a new fan of FlipBelt. I must get all the colors to match my outfits. Is that too much? Eh who cares when you work hard you deserve it, am I right here peeps?! 

Anyway as promised this is another up day and I will keep updating from now on... Oh and last but not least....




Like I always, I have to sincerely apologize about my absence for such a long time! How shameful of me to not update or write to my followers or those who keep up with my blog. Here I am alive and kicking and anxiously awaiting on some good news.

I have been keeping myself busy since I have become more active in the fitness world, you could see when you take a look at my fitness site www.fitcrazy.tv. As you see I am regularly updating articles with helpful fitness, health and nutrition information. I have Fitness and Meal programs available for purchase, Personal Training availability and much more.

Besides all that, I am doing rather well. Still on the goal to get down to 12% body fat. I swear these last two % have been the hardest. No worries, however,  because I always get what I want so I will get there.

I've gotten myself a few little presents too! 
Isn't that the most freaking gorgeous ring? 

Here I am flexing out my little gun!
 At work I arm wrestled a Personal Trainer co-worker and I kinda sorta.... broke her arm.... literally :/ ...I felt terrible, but hey accidents happen.

Last... But Certainly Not Least...

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Oh yes, and tell your friends too!

27 Never Felt so Good!

Last week was my 27th birthday...

I am feelng amazing and so absolutely flawless. I think this year is going to be a great one. I am setting new goals and I will achieve each and everyone of them. I will have more adventures and my business is flourishing. 

Now for a little presentation of some gifts i received and got for myself this year....
My Daddy got me the FitBit Zip I wanted :)

I got myself New Pair of sexy wedges and with a matching purse.

My Man, Roger, got me a Coach Purse and Wallet which I absolutely adore!!!

Some Sports bras for the gym :)

And Two Pairs of sneakers also for gym but i havent taken a picture of yet :)))

So all in all I had a great birthday and I can't wait until next year its going to be even better because this girl right here is different, and next year the story changes. 

Until Next Time.


I reached a Goal!


Yes, I am still at it! I have reached my 15% body fat goal and will be trying to reach my new 12% body fat goal by summer! Let me tell you its been a tough, but satisfying journey. I never expected to be where I am at, and yet here I am! Of course, I could have never done it without a support system. My friends and family and my biggest support system...my Boyfriend. He is amazing at telling me what I need to hear to get to my goals and never sugar coats anything. 

I still wish I had more time to update and write on my blog, but it's been a busy 2014 thus far, I have at least 40 personal training clients and working on my business FitCrazy, so sometimes I am just exhausted!  Today, however, I have found a little time to update you guys and let you know about my success and progress! Anyway, hope you all are having a wonderful year so far. I know I am and I will hopefully be updating again soon! 


The Family

The most important thing to me is my family, they mean the world to me. Not only my immediate family like mom,dad, sister and nephew, but my whole family. 

You see I was raised in a cuban family where everyone was involved in everyone elses business, which yes I agree can get on your nerves sometimes. We are tight... very tight, to say the least my cousins are my brothers and sisters, my uncles and aunts are like my own parents... some people don't understand this, I however understand this and am grateful that this is just the way it is in my family. 

You are never alone and there is always someone there to give  you a helping hand. Time and time again my family has shown me how tight we really are. In the past year, unfortunately, there have been more hospitalizations than we are used to and with each one, everyone has been involved , everyone has visited and everyone has offered their time and help. 

I realize that not many people have this type of connection with their family and I am absolutely grateful that I do. 

TITANIUM: A Welcome to 2014

Hello fellow blog readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I am so excited to be writing a blog post today on the 2nd day of the year hopefully this year I will be actively blogging a lot more and not only am I going to be blogging about my Personal Life, Experiences, and Life Lessons, but I will also be blogging about....... Drum Roll Please........... Women Stuff! Now wait a second guys.... as I have a male audience too, it would do you good to stick around and learn how women think, act, feel and the tortuous things we do to ourselves to look good for societies standards.
You see I believe that I have hacked into some amazing things and information that have worked for me that I would like to share with all of you. So that's First.

Secondly, I would like to take a moment to all the people that have supported me in 2013. You are loved, appreciated, and thanked tremendously for sticking by me and believing in my dreams. I would also like to thank all you poisonous, disgusting and evil people that did not believe in me or that simply wished for my failure, because that just added fuel to the fire and in turn helped me anyway.
Now that we are in 2014 its going to be a different ball game. This time I am playing for keeps.
You see that smile right there -----> It's a smile that knows.... I am already winning.

One more thing.... visit my fitness site and start getting more involved in your health today!! www.fitcrazy.tv

Happy New Years from My Little Family to yours!


PeeWee the Christmas Canine

This is PeeWee...
PeeWee puts up with Mama Miry's shenanigans, because he loves to make mama happy! Peewee was a little blessing that arrived into our lives 2 & some years ago at the very beginning of my relationship with Roger. He was born on Valentines Day 2012 from my Fathers Rat Terrier (did I mention that his dad is my sisters Shi Tzu) and three weeks later I took him home with me where Roger also fell in love with him and he's been a huge part of our lives since he stepped in with his little paws and all. The worst of it was the potty training stage and the I'm going to eat all of mommys shoes stage. 

Well that's all for today, that's three days in a row! What what!!! 

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5 Days Until Christmas, A Dress, and a Therapy Session

So here I am again, wow, 2nd day in a row.... This hasn't happened in quite a while.

Let me begin with there are now 5 days until Christmas and I am super excited to let everyone know that I got a very nice Christmas dress and a few more articles of clothing with a generous gift card given to me by one of my Personal Training clients. On the down side, I am still anxiously waiting for a few more packages in the mail to wrap up as gifts.

There is also another thing on my mind today and that is my girls. I mean my ladies, my best friends, my sisters, my soulmates. We had a girls therapy session last weekend and we resolved a lot of things that we had pending due to our increasingly busy lifestyles and basically growing up. One thing we all agreed on is that we are always there for eachother and will always continue to be. We have all been there for eachother especially in hard times when we need to hear things that we might not want to hear. Letting go and learning is a part of life and all of us this year have had our share of growing. I am really proud of all of us!

Oh yes one last thing, Smile, its a great thing to smile. Do it right now! Go out there and smile :)


The Merriest of Christmases

Hello to all of you friends and followers, I know I know... I have been on hiatus for a little while, who am I kidding, a long while and I wish it wasn't so. However, sometimes life gets a little busy and we must put the beloved blogging aside.

Here I am today though, 6 days away from Christmas. The decorations are out, the tree is up and sparkling, the lights are twinkling outside, the hot cocoa is in the cupboard, the presents (at least the ones so far) are wrapped. So everything seems to be good in the world. Or is it? It's definitely slow season in the PT field, and my Christmas shopping is only half way done and I am stressing! (I mean it is the holiday season everyone is stressing, right?)  Not to worry though, because I am Mirielys Perez and I always find a way.

In other Miry news,  A lot of the goals (I don't call them resolutions, thats a nasty word....RESOLUTION...Yuck.)  I set out for myself I have accomplished this year (YAY ME!) a victory dance is in order here ::waves hands in the air:: "Whoop Whoop" and I must say I am proud of myself. As it turns out I have matured quite a bit, don't get me wrong I am still the funny, silly, weird girl, but I have had to grow up a little especially now that I have more responsibilities taking care of a home, a dog and a career. Not to mention a very special person in my life.

I am going to try my hardest to write more often (I can't make any promises), but I will try!

Talk to you guys later and if not.... Happy Holidays from me!


I don't care

It's been a while....

Hello, yes it's been a while since I have written, I have been rather busy with training and work and learning new things. My goal is closer than ever and I have had to sacrifice many things. In the end it will all be worth it and everyone will understand. I don't mean to be vague, but I can not reveal what I am doing. Although there will be people that support me there are more people who wish and crave my failure. So for now you will all have to wait. In the meantime I will be coming on and writing a bit more ::fingers crossed::

What did you think.... Changes are coming.


Sorry, but I am not sorry.
Remember where you came from,
Focus on where you are going, 
and let no one stop you. 

They will either support your dreams and your success
or they will not, what matters is who is there cheering you on... not bringing you down. 

The Hidden Peices

Seek and you shall find, what do those words mean to you?

 Many of men and women seek riches, but don't find it. Many seek love, love doesn't come. Many seek answers, and are left with more questions. So why seek? Yet, you stand still and nothing happens. You wait and wait, riches does not come. You wait and wait and love does not come knocking at your door. You wait and the answers are never answered. So what do you do?

You wish, hope, pray, sit, wait, seek, work.... yet some of the things we want, we need, do not come. Right?


They do come, never in the form of what we hoped or wished for, but it comes. Lets say like a mischievous genie, you wish for it and it is given to you, but with it comes a lesson to be learned. Learn the lesson, as it is important in your path of life.

Change Approaches

They say that when you can't change something, change the way you think about it, right?

Until very recently I have been a firm believer that if you wish to change you can and it just takes a little effort on your part. I have done and do whatever change is necessary for me to grow and get farther in life. I get out of my comfort zone and change. At first it is a little tough, but then the change starts becoming part of who I am, I feel that could be true for everyone, yet some people stand still.

Maybe no one understands me... or maybe you know exactly what I am talking about.

I guess what I am trying to say is that its time to make some changes... Especially if I am to get what I want.

Creation Phase 2

Phase 1 of the self creation process is complete and tomorrow starts a brand new Phase.

Phase 2 - is the second part of my process, this one will be the most difficult of all the phases, it requires ultimate dedication and sacrifice. Things that I will not want to do... will have to be done. But it will all be well worth it. Before 2014 and before my 27th birthday there are certain goals that I must accomplish before moving on to phase 3.

For now, however, I must say that you have not seen anything yet...

Miry's Back Bitches!

Hi Bloggerinis!

How are you all doing on this lovely Saturday afternoon? I am doing pretty awesome.

Since we last left off I have been up to a lot of life changing events and this time I am back for good and my writing will continue, not only on my personal blog but also on my other blogs.

I will just say this... I told you I was titanium.

My world is a little different. I have a dog named Peewee, I live with my boyfriend and have had to become more responsible. You have no idea how much I've grown! I am so different, yet I am the same. I am a personal trainer helping people fight this disease called obesity or just plain'ol laziness. I have helped many and will continue to do so, but this time on my terms.

Remember to check out FitCrazy.tv
I have learned to care less and less and become colder and colder, not because of anyone it was just a conscious choice for me to do at this time.

My body has changed significantly! I am the fittest I have ever been and I can only continue to move forward until I achieve my ideal body... so stay tuned because a lot is abut to happen in the next year the Miry you know now will no longer be and in her place will be a better Miry.

My Last Post to Blogger

This is it guys, I am making big moves and with big moves comes big changes.

My blog has now moved under my own domain name www.mirielysperez.com, in the blog section.

So save the link.... and see you soon on my new virtual space. Hugs and Kisses to all of you! ;)

25 Years Later

Hello, here I am.
Writing today because its actually a rainy day outside and I don't have much to do except clean the house which for me is relatively easy because I am super Miry.

So I am here to give a much needed update, Pretty soon I am going to be moving this blog over to my own domain name. I hope my readers will follow me there... FitCrazy has been a very ambitious project with lots more work to be done. Its already been up and running for 5 months and the turnout has been amazing for a relatively new site. We are hoping for more interaction in the next few months and on its 1 year anniversary there will be a special surprise for everyone involved with the site.

Its been a pretty busy time for me because I am back in school getting three personal training certifications.

I want to Paint.

Blah Blah Blah.....

Working on a few more sites!

Dear Beauty Club Member Card,

The silliest things happen to me, you see I didn't mean to lock the bathroom door while I was on the outside. I also think its an unpleasant feeling to have to pee really really bad and your locked out of your own bathroom. So I had to use my super awesome brain and came to the conclusion that the answers to all my problems lay inside this tiny red and black leopard wallet. I did think of using the Capital One Credit Card, it's gotten me in trouble plenty of times, but oh no I may need it in the near future while on a mall trip where I will buy something that I totally didn't need ....so I came across your green shiny plastic squared self and I couldn't for the life of me remember the last time I used you. I would like to thank you in your aide to help me open the bathroom door, with much effort and much patience I didn't have to go outside and pee in the yard.


MIA...Much needed updates :)

Yes, Yes, I know I have been MIA for a while, but how can I write and post and let you all know whats going on when I am super busy with everything going on.

Basically to give you a brief full update, I have a new place, a new puppy (Pee-Wee), a new iPhone (which at first I refused to get, but it had to be done and now I am glad I did), Slowly but surely success is the direction things are heading in and I have decided that instead of going back to school for journalism I am going back for Personal Training & Nutrition.

I have still been reading not as often as I would like but the book I am reading now is The Hunger Games, I wanted to read it before the movie came out but either way I don't like watching movies the same weekend it comes out so I have another week to finish, so far so good. Loving it....

Things are about to get more hectic because I got offered a job opportunity that may be pretty good for me at this moment.

I guess you can really see that I am not kidding when I say that I am a busy bee.... Anyway time for me to go and so what I do best....be busy :)

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Much love to all my readers!

Love Peace and Harmony,

Much Greater

Today I am a much greater person. 
Doing much greater things.
Taking on much greater tasks.
Playing a much greater role.
Daring to take much greater steps.
Hoping to accomplish much greater goals. 
Dreaming much greater dreams. 
Filling life with much greater memories.

For a much greater life.


A Much Needed Update

Hey you guys,

I really hope everyone is having a wonderful 2012 so far, I know I am ;) 

I honestly never thought I would be this happy, everything is going great! I am so excited about all the things happening this year... I am also so so so excited that my birthday is in two weeks!

I guess I haven't had much time to really update and write everyday so I will give you a little bit of info... I was caught off guard with the new addition in my life, my boyfriend came out of nowhere and I am so absolutely glad he did! FitCrazy.tv is doing great! Mabelle and I are working on updating it right now but still religiously posting workouts and articles my body goal is closer and closer, I actually have those side thingy's I have wanted Yay, but there is still much work to be done. I halted my modeling for a short while so that I can accomplish my body goal first. I have also started an online magazine called Crashing Into Fashion ( http://www.crashingintofashion.com ), don't let the name fool you its not only about fashion but more about women, beauty, fashion, love, life, and advice basically. I am also working on finishing up my book and the books website along with a few other websites that have been ideas for a long time which I am actually going to put into action now that I have more time and the money is rolling in. :)

I have also decided that my term at 24 hour fitness has come to an end, they are disgusting, selfish, people and no one there is friendly. So I will be now going to Porky's gym and  working out more at parks. Besides fresh air is awesome!

I love my readers, and if you are a hater that's ok I love you too... Haters are Motivators ;)


MiryLicious signing off.

Skin Deep

In this day and age tattoos are the norm...
A report by the Food and Drug Administration estimated that as many as 45 million Americans have tattoos. The report based the number on the finding by a Harris Interactive Poll in 2003 that 16 percent of all adults and 36 percent of people 25 to 29 had at least one tattoo. The poll also found that 17 percent of tattooed Americans regretted it. - The New York Times
That poll was taken in 2003 imagine 8 years later...   I on the other hand refuse to get one, not because I hate them or have anything against them. I actually think they are a very interesting art form and I myself being an artist appreciate all forms of art. However, I have come to realize that tattoos are just not for me, not in the very least appealing. I love my body too much and too fully to ever destroy its true nature of completely bare skin. Skin is beautiful just as it is.

Even when I did think of a tattoo my body spoke to me and told me, simply, No. I listened of course and then I realized that one day  I will walk through the streets, through the sands of different beaches and I will be one of the few that hasn't marked their temple.

My Temple will Remain...


Tuned In


The first week of 2012 is coming to a close and I can honestly say that I am winning already. I am super happy, super motivated and dedicated.

I appreciate all of the people in my life, they make everyday worth while and beautiful.

Laughing and smiling is an everyday thing now, and thats just the way I like it. This year will bring big changes, I say I am ready and bring it on!

Oh yea and one more thing... Irk!

What I hope to accomplish in 2012


In 2012 I have a list of things I hope to accomplish. You see I am a firm believer that you can do anything you set out to do.

1.) Do More activities: Mixed Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Play more sports, Be a part of more obstacle runs, Skateboard, Skate, Ride Bike more, Swim more often....etc.

2.) Finish the book I am writing and finish the trilogy. Start the other book Idea with Mabelle. 

3.) FitCrazy to be more than just a workout informational site, more like a community. 

4.) Start my own online Beauty and Fashion magazine.

5.) Brush up on my Italian, also learn Japanese and French  

6.) Read more books in 2012 than I read in 2011.

7.) Make more friends with the same interests. 

8.) Get the business on the right track and be a successful one! 

9.) Keep being Happy.

10.) Spend more time with my family.  

A different kind

A monster has been created. A monster of calm spirits, a monster of truth, honesty, demand, a monster that will stand against all. A monster with the ability to penetrate the hardest of hearts, repel the most hurtful attacks, and dominate the most difficult situations. To be called a monster is unjust, but a creation of this kind...
The intelligence, experience, knowledge, the creation born from years of tears and abuse. A creation of any other, a monster who is and isn't, a monster who loves just as any other man or woman loves. A monster that can reject wrongs and embrace rights. To call this a monster is unjust, yet a creation of this magnitude by any other name would be untrue. The monster that lives as a kind spirit, with a kind heart, although it sees pain, sadness and fears everyday. This monster lives, lives within, lives to watch, lives to learn, lives for life. 

She is a monster that survives, a monster that strives, a creation of a different kind. 

I am a monster... of a different kind. 

Why haven't you yet?

If you haven't visited my fitness site yet, well you better because its awesome!

Still don't get it... you get to watch me and my cousin workout and give you tips and tricks and nutritional information. Not only that, but we will be your motivators!!! 


I love you all sugar pies!

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